8-Year-Old Beaten Then Kept In A Bathroom For Days By Her Stepmother And Father And She Only Weighed 33 Pounds When She Died

Elk River, Minnesota. Last August, 8-year-old Autumn Lee Hallow had just finished second grade at Lincoln Elementary and was supposed to be enjoying the summer like her classmates were.

Autumn adored her family, and she loved being a part of whatever they were doing.

“Her kind spirit, abundance of energy, and willingness to help everyone is an inspiration to everyone that has known her,” her obituary reads.

“She loved to draw and Color beautiful pictures. Special notes to the family were also common. She loved the outdoors and had a passion for gymnastics.”

“She often dressed up to put on a show to show off her dance moves. She loved to sing and dance. Autumn was creative, kind, helpful, and determined.”

Obituary photo; pictured above is Autumn

On the evening of August 13th, 2020, Elk River Police rushed to the apartment Autumn shared with her stepmother, Sarah Kay Hallow, and her father, Brett Jason Hallow.

A 911 call had come in that Autumn was unresponsive in the bathtub, facedown.

When police arrived on the scene, they found the little girl lying in a nearby bedroom, and she was already dead. Her body was stiff already, and her fingers were clearly blue.

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