She Convinced Her Friend To Catfish Her Own Dad But Now Things Are Spiraling Out Of Control

A 22-year-old woman convinced her 23-year-old friend that it would be a good idea to catfish her own dad, who is in his 50s.

In April, her friend was complaining to her about how her dad only dates golddiggers and then has awful breakups with them.

She agreed with her friend that he’s never had great taste in women, and she remembered the not-so-great girlfriends he had while they were in high school.

“We thought it would be funny to set up an account on one of the dating sites that he uses, with the info that would intrigue him, find him, and then message him. I had brought up the idea,” she said.

So, the young women went ahead with their catfishing plan. They created a fake dating profile trying to appeal to this dad.

“I chuckled and thought it was hilarious as a prank, but she’s taken it out of control,” this young woman said about her friend, who is now spending a ton of time keeping this catfishing going.

“He didn’t respond that day we hung out, but she sent me screenshots of her conversations with her dad, that were originally supposed to be a prank, and they were a bit too raunchy for a prank.”

She decided to let it go and not say something at that time, but as things progressed she couldn’t hold her tongue any longer.

She went hiking with her friend the other day, and at one point her friend asked her to hold her phone.

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