Her Boyfriend Is Pretending To Be A Girl Online And Now She’s Telling The Internet She Doesn’t Know What To Do After Confronting Him

“My bf even brought up a story about my dog and framed it as “someone I knew a few years ago.” I feel heartbroken that he is lying to these guys and isn’t even transparent in the fact that he’s in a relationship,” she continued.

She’s left feeling like she doesn’t know how to handle things. Her boyfriend is her best friend and this is the only issue in their relationship, so she doesn’t want to end the relationship.

She then added, “Like I stated, I’ve never had a problem with him playing female characters, in fact sometimes I help him design and pick out female characters, I have a problem with him consistently talking to these men pretending to be a girl and allowing them to flirt with him during their conversation.”

“If he at least shut down the flirting, I wouldn’t have a problem with him letting them think he’s female.”

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Keep him as a friend. Lose him as a boyfriend.”


“I think he might be having identity or sexuality issues. I think you should sit with him and talk about why he’s doing doesn’t stop them from flirting with him?”

“When you do have this y’all don’t freak out on him because it won’t help.”


“If this is something he’s just wanting to explore, and he has no intention of cheating on you, that’s a different story.”

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