She Found A 19-Year-Old Girl’s Blue Thong In Her Boyfriend’s Truck And She’s Asking The Internet If She Should Believe Him When He Says He Didn’t Cheat

Buckle up for this one. A 28-year-old woman found a 19-year-old girl’s blue thong in her 29-year-old boyfriend’s truck.

She’s asking the internet if she should believe him when he says he didn’t cheat on her at all with this girl because she’s struggling to know what’s real.

“I just need some opinions because I am losing my mind the past 2 days,” she started out by saying.

She explained that she and her 29-year-old boyfriend have a big group of friends they spend time with, and these friends are more like her family than anything else.

One of her friends has a 19-year-old daughter that previously lived in another state until she recently came to move in with him and his wife.

At first, this 19-year-old was very nice, but then she started flirting with this woman’s boyfriend non-stop.

She has never seen her boyfriend engage and flirt back, and he has even told her to stop several times.

“One day, right in front of me she showed him her thong and asked if he liked blue,” she continued.

She wasted no time having a conversation with this 19-year-old about “boundaries” and she thought this teen got what she was saying.

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