20-Year-Old Says Her 49-Year-Old Boyfriend Called Her Easy Game And The Internet Is Telling Her She Should Not Be Dating Him

The thing is, she just doesn’t think being referred to as “baby” is dehumanizing or wrong, and she thinks if anything, it’s a little flirtatious, which doesn’t bother her.

“He said he has a problem with it. He pointed out that I was the one who wanted a monogamous relationship from the start,” she explained.

“Which is true, he is naturally poly, but decided to try out monogamy with me.”

“He said something about men thinking I’m “easy game” and kept saying how all the women he knows would shut down a guy who called her baby in a second.”

It hurt her deeply when he told her that, and she thinks maybe she should be the one to listen to him.

The internet said to her that she needs to break up with him.

“Hmm, creepy predator turns out to be controlling over his victim? What a surprise.”


“You are easy game as far as he’s concerned. You are still growing, maturing, and changing. It will be a few years before you are fully adult.”

“You don’t yet have an equal relationship. Some would view his relationship with you manipulative, even predatory. He’s projecting his opinion of you onto other men.”


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