His Girlfriend Is Into Vampire Role-Playing But He’s Concerned For His Safety And So Is The Internet

“…I wouldn’t continue living with her or even continue dating her. Relationships are a two-way street and she’s not treating it that way. Instead, she’s trying to groom you and the environment in order to get what she wants. Run…”


“Okay, your safety and comfort are the most important things here, and you need to decide if she’s crossing lines, and do something about it, be it telling her firmly, or making things step back.”


He then shared an update on what he decided to do.

He said that their relationship is now ending and he had no idea that their relationship had really turned abusive. His girlfriend has always been an assertive type, so he usually went along with whatever she wanted.

A week after he asked the internet for help, he simply didn’t bring the issue up with his girlfriend because he didn’t want to infuriate her. But then he got up the courage to have the difficult conversation.

“…I brought up the vampire stuff, although she took that to mean I wanted to progress it further. I wish I could say I was able to summarise my feelings succinctly, but for some reason as soon as I started saying I wasn’t comfortable with the direction this was all taking, I started hyperventilating and had what I think was a panic attack,” he wrote.

She started crying, then she got mad at him and didn’t speak to him for several days. “She said I was trying to shame her but all I was trying to say was that I didn’t want to bleed…”

“I had aimed that as a joke which is the go-to method to defuse a situation, but she did not consider it funny at all, which is stupid because I’m the one who is being bled.” After things cooled off, they had another conversation where they realized this wasn’t the best relationship for the both of them.

You can read the rest of what the internet had to say about all this here.

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