She Found Out Her Boyfriend Is A Diagnosed Psychopath But He Never Told Her And She’s Asking The Internet What To Do

A 24-year-old woman found out her 31-year-old boyfriend is a diagnosed psychopath, but he never told her.

She’s asking the internet what to do because she’s concerned about a few things and questioning if she should stay with him.

She at first pointed out that her boyfriend has never been very…loving. He acts as if he cares about nothing in his life, except for her.

While she was going through some of his things, she discovered a piece of paper with a diagnosis for him on it.

11 years ago, he was diagnosed as having antisocial personality disorder (ASPD). ASPD ranges in the level of severity depending on the person, and on the worst end of it, you’re essentially a psychopath.

Her boyfriend is on the more severe end of the spectrum, and he was diagnosed with the disorder after spending several years of his childhood torturing and killing baby squirrels.

“Apparently it’s genetic because his father also was diagnosed with it and is currently in jail for killing his wife/my bf’s mother,” she said.

“I’ve read his testimony before and his only reason was ‘because I felt like it.'”

“It was chilling, but I didn’t think my boyfriend was like that AT ALL. I knew he didn’t really care about most people, but he is extremely charming (how he seduced me, I guess),” she continued.

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