This Super Cool Tool From Google Will Help Make Sure Nobody Else Is Dressed In The Same Costume As You This Halloween

I’m sure there has been a Halloween in your life where you’re super excited to rock your costume, head on over to a party…and run into three other girls you know wearing the exact same thing as you.

Talk about a horror story!

Google to the rescue, because they created a super cool tool to help make sure nobody else is dressed in the same costume as you this year.

VadimGuzhva –

Their tool is called Frightgeist, and it’s a website where you can check out which costumes are trending on a national level, as well as what’s trending closer to home.

Using data from Google Trends, Frightgeist makes it easy to know exactly what is trending right now.

So, you can use your exact town or city to see what everyone else is searching for, and most likely wearing, to help you avoid duplicate costumes.

It, Witch, and Spider-Man were the top 3 trending costume ideas nationally last year, and for this year the top 5 ones across the nation are a witch, rabbit, dinosaur, Spider-Man, and Cruella de Vil.

There’s even an option called Costume Wizard, where you can select how spooky, stylish, and trendy you want your costume to be, and Frightgeist will make a suggestion for you!

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