She Wants Her Wedding To Be Completely In The Dark, But Her Fiancé’s Parents Are Threatening Not To Come If She Goes Through With It

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This twenty-seven-year-old woman grew up the daughter of two blind parents. And while being raised by them was not always easy, the woman is extremely grateful for her parents.

One area that she always disagreed with them on, though, was clothing– mainly when she was a teenager.

Being that her parents are blind, they were unable to “match” clothing in stereotypically fashionable ways. Instead, they relied on touch and feel– which often resulted in more “eclectic” outfit choices.

“I admit, I hated it as a teenager since I had no say over my own wardrobe purchases,” the woman explained.

“But, after I moved out, I realized that I really do prefer to feel comfortable in my clothes over how I look in them.”

More recently, the woman got engaged to her boyfriend, and the pair have been planning their wedding together.

And one day, the woman’s fiancé brought up a valid concern. He asked if she would be happy with their wedding photos because her parents would likely pick out their own clothes.

“He did not mean it maliciously,” the woman recalled. “It just did not occur to him that I was originally planning to buy them clothing to wear.”

“But, the more I thought about it, I thought, ‘wouldn’t a fabric wedding be special?'”

Phase4Photography – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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