Cotton Candy Champagne Is The Perfect Pink Drink For Your Galentine’s Celebration

TikTok - @tayhedgey

Love is in the air. And it’s in your cocktail too. So this Valentine’s Day, show your besties how much you adore them by treating them to the cutest drink: cotton candy champagne. They’ll be all heart eyes for you after you introduce this cocktail to them!

Cotton candy is a childhood delicacy, and of course, as adults, champagne is our special indulgence.

So when you bring these two loves together into one perfectly pink sweet drink, it will definitely be a big hit.

Cotton candy champagne is a galentine’s celebration must-have. You’ll have so much fun making and downing these drinks together.

By the end of the night, you’ll be closer to your girls than ever before.

A TikTok user named Taylor (@tayhedgey) is demonstrating how you can prepare this cotton candy champagne. It’s so, so simple! You don’t need any bartending experience to master this drink.

First, you’ll need to decorate the glass. Smear some whipped buttercream frosting onto a flat tray and dump out a bunch of red and pink heart-shaped sprinkles next to the frosting.

Grab the glass and cover the rim with frosting. Then, stick the heart sprinkles onto the glass.

Next, place a bit of pink cotton candy in the bottom of the glass. It’s important that the cotton candy is fresh and fluffy.

Hardened cotton candy does not mesh well with this cocktail.

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