He Just Found Out That His Girlfriend Cheated On Him And Then Kept It A Secret Because Her Therapist Told Her To

phoenix021 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 27-year-old guy has been dating his 28-year-old girlfriend for 2 years, and he really believed with all of his heart that what they had together was wonderful.

Yesterday though, a woman reached out to him saying that his girlfriend had cheated on him when she went on vacation with some of her friends, and that destroyed the picture-perfect view he had of his girlfriend.

At first, when he saw this message, he figured it had to be some kind of a mean joke, so he replied to this woman that he thought she was pulling a prank.

This woman swore that she was telling him the truth, and she went on to give him details like the day it happened, the hotel it happened at (which was, in fact, the same hotel his girlfriend and her friends had vacationed at), and the room number of the hotel his girlfriend had booked.

This woman’s boyfriend had been at the exact same hotel and was the one who slept with his girlfriend.

“I decided to ask my GF, and to my surprise, she didn’t deny it, but she insisted it was the only time she has ever cheated on me in our entire relationship,” he explained.

“But it gets even worse because she was thinking about telling me (that’s what she tells me), but her therapist advised her against it.”

“The therapist told her that as long as she wasn’t going to do it again, it didn’t make any sense to confess it to me and put our relationship in danger. I was speechless, I guess there are therapists out there encouraging their clients to lie and hide things from their partners.”

He has since left to stay at a friend’s house while he figures out how to deal with this situation.

phoenix021 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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