Love Curls But Hate The Fuss? With This Heatless Curl Method, All You Need Is A Bathrobe, Two Scrunchies, And Five Minutes Of Your Day

NDABCREATIVITY - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

I absolutely love the look of freshly curled hair. The ringlets inevitably add volume and depth and can make you feel like a million bucks on any old day.

What I genuinely despise, though, is the actual process of getting curly hair. Sure, I have natural “waves,” but they look nothing like the refined, symmetrical ringlets that a curling iron or wand can provide– even if I use heaps of product and a diffuser.

So, over the years, I had been forced to resort to arduous heat tools. I would stand in the mirror for about an hour, sometimes even more, trying to section out pieces of my hair and curl all of the strands to look uniform.

Every single time, though, I ran into numerous issues. First of all, if I miscalculated how large or small a hair section should be, the resulting curl would come out looking wonky and out of place. Plus, if I decided to go over the same curl a second time to fix it, the result was not nearly as bouncy.

This brings me to another problem too. How do you get all of your completed curls to hold their shape and not fall while you finish the rest of your head?

I’ve tried hairspray, which just made the ringlets “crunchy” and uncomfortable. I have also tried rollers, which– while very effective when done correctly– require a certain level of technique and care that I honestly just do not have the patience for.

So, after feeling my arm muscles burn every single morning, only to be disappointed by my hair-curling skills, I decided to give up. I took a break from heat tools and began wearing my waves au naturale.

Well, that was until I discovered the heatless curl movement and became entirely hooked on the idea.

I was already a “nighttime shower person” who loved to wash off and relax after a long day. And quite frankly, I wanted to cut out as much “morning fuss” as possible.

NDABCREATIVITY – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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