Her Pregnant Friend Is About To Be Homeless Because She Won’t Allow Her To Rent One Of The Houses That She Owns Unless She Gets Rid Of Her 4 Cats

“Their current home is on the brink of being on a Hoarders episode,” she explained. “Her husband spends his free time playing video games and does not try to help in cleaning or doing any “woman” chores.”

“My friend has also asked if we could give her a discount on the rent since they are about to have their 2nd baby. Both of them work, but my friend’s job will not pay her the whole time she is on maternity leave. I told her I could give her a temporary reduction on the rent, but she would not be allowed to have the cats. She said they are like her children and could not get rid of them. She said that would be like asking to get rid of her human children…”

Her friend was upset with her for saying she has to get rid of her cats in order to move in, but she stood firm on that.

She does have a couple of tenants who do have pets, but those people make sure to keep her rental homes clean, and they are respectful.

If she allows her best friend to move into one of her homes with the cats, she knows her home will be ruined, just like the place her best friend lives in.

“She currently is not talking to me and telling our other friends that it’s my fault she is about to be homeless,” she said.

“A couple of friends have said I should make an exception, but I’ve put so much time and money into these homes.”

She’s left wondering if it’s wrong of her not to allow her best friend to move in with all of her 4 cats. What do you think; should she make an exception?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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