New Study Reveals Having A Pet Cat Or Dog May Lead To More Restless Nights

The researchers also built multivariable logistic regression models, which included factors such as feeling sleepy, feeling unrested, taking more than 15 minutes to fall asleep, and receiving less than six hours of sleep on average.

According to Dr. Wisnieski, the different sleep quality findings among cat and dog owners might be due to the fact that cats are often more active at night.

She also revealed how there were fewer differences among sleep quality indicators between cat and non-cat owners versus dog and non-dog owners.

The team believes that if further research can establish a casual relationship, then the results may impact how clinicians treat patients suffering from poor sleep quality.

“Additionally, educational resources can be developed to inform pet owners about the risks of sleep disruptions and offer potential solutions, such as crating the pet or restricting access to the bedroom at night,” Dr. Wisnieski added.

Moving forward, the researchers are also interested in measuring the human-animal bond between pet owners and their pets in order to understand how bond strength impacts sleep quality.

To read the study’s complete findings, which have since been published in Human-Animal Interactions, visit the link here.

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