Pocket Sized Guitar Hero Arcade Game

guitarheropocket1.jpgGuitar Hero Addicts rejoice! So what if you can’t schlep your game console with you everywhere. Well you can, but we won’t even get in to why it’s not a good idea. Anyway, finally – there is a super portable pocket sized Guitar Hero game coming out. Basic Fun’s Guitar Hero Carabiner measures 7 3/4″ X 3″, making it 75% the size of the original. The neck of the guitar is even foldable, making it an even more pocketable 4″ x 3″. There is also a LCD that displays the targets coming at you for each song as well as a clip so that it can easily attach to your bag. The best of the best from Guitar Hero I and II are included “Smoke on the Water, Rock this Town, Cherry Pie, Killer Queen, You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’, Miserlou, Heart Shaped Box, Message in a Bottle, Jessica, and Surrender. Basic Fun worked with both Activision and Red Octane to make your portable experience as much fun as the original. And this mini me version of Guitar Hero wouldn’t be complete without the “whammy bar” which is actually a button this time around. The Guitar Hero Carabiner will retail for $14.99 and will be available at Target, KB Toys, Toys ‘R’ Us etc… in late Feb early March. This was about all we could get off of the press release and the Basic Fun’s website doesn’t appear to be fully operational yet either. I can picture it now, all the GH addicts sitting on the train playing with this baby come spring… who says you have to be a kid play with a tiny fake plastic guitar.


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