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Commodore Invictus Tries to Compete with the Asus EEE PC Keyboard

screenshot_02Cybernet, a company that puts the guts of PCs into the body of a keyboard, recently announced that they had obtained the right to use the Commodore branding on their computers. This was undoubtedly a smart move on their part since their PCs haven’t been very popular, but by attaching the Commodore brand to their PCS, they are associating their PCs with a legacy. Anyway, they already have rebranded one of their PCs as the Commodore Phoenix. But that isn’t the one that we’re particularly excited about. Their upcoming Commodore Invictus is a PC packed into the guts of a super slim keyboard that packs in an Atom processor along with a touch screen display, wireless HDMI, chicklet-style keys, the Nvidia ION chipset, and a 5 hour battery life. If the concept here is familiar, that is because it’s very similar to the Asus EEE PC Keyboard. Unfortunately there is no word on pricing or availability yet for the Commodore Invictus.

Update 05/31/10: Commodore has contacted us to let us know that the Commodore Invictus is NOT made by Cybernet, but it is made and sold by Commodore USA, LLC.

Update 06/01/10: According to Commodore USA, LLC Cybernet is not actually marketing anything as a Commodore unit. However, Cybernet is one of Commodore, USA LLC’s contract, private label suppliers, and they will OEM the Chassis for the Commodore Phoenix model.

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