Rob Thomas Records Live Sidewalk Angels Tour On USB Wristbands

ScreenHunter_02 Jul. 23 10.17If you aren’t already aware of this, Rob Thomas from Matchbox Twenty is a very talented solo artist in his own right and he also loves animals.  So Rob is kicking off his 16-city Sidewalk Angels Tour which will have proceeds going to his foundation. The Sidewalk Angels Foundation was established by Rob Thomas and his wife Marisol and not only helps animals, but people too. If you are one of the lucky ones to get to go to his concert this summer, you can re-live the LIVE concert experience with Rob Thomas’ Sidewalk Angels Tour LiveFlash USB Wristband. This reusable USB wristband will contain the audio from that night’s show. The USB wristband plugs right into any USB port and also comes with a Micro-SD slot. If you order it beforehand – once the concert is over you can pick it up later the show. The Sidewalk Angel Tour LiveFlash Wristband will retail for $40.00 and proceeds will go the Sidewalk Angel Foundation.


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  1. I read that Aderra Inc. created the concept for USB Live Wristbands. I wonder if they were the ones who recorded and provided the USBs for Rob Thomas, as well. What’s fun about these services is that almost any artist – whether popular, or not – will be able to spread their music in a cheap, but modern way!

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