Hard Candy Street Skin Case for iPhone 4 Review

Hard Candy has recently released the Street Skin Case for iPhone 4. This lightweight case does not just look rugged, it is rugged. It offers your iPhone superior protection, while maintaining a good feel and good looks. The Street Skin is made of TPU rubber and is available in clear, black, and a translucent pinkish-red.

Street Skin’s flexible TFU rubber makes it easy to insert and remove iPhone. It’s a perfectly snug fit. There are individual cutouts on the case for the volume buttons, vibrate toggle, headphone jack, lock button, camera/flash, and a nice large cutout on the bottom for the mic/speaker/charging port. All cutouts are shaped sized well, except for the lock button cutout. You need to use the tip of your finger to hit it. The case protrudes about 2mm from the screen, which is the ideal length. It protrudes far enough to protect the screen during drops, but doesn’t protrude too far where you feel like your phone is sinking into the case. The skin covers the bottom centimeter of iPhones face. This offers your phone’s face a little extra protection, but it’s probably really there to compensate for the lack of ‘skin’ on the bottom of iPhone–hence, offering the case extra durability. Considering the case is so rugged and durable, it really is not bulky–it is average thickness for an iPhone 4 case, maybe a hair thicker, and is pretty lightweight. It weighs .75 ounces.

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The Street Skin Case definitely has its own unique style. At first we thought it looked like it had been run over by a miniature truck. Little did we know, the design would grow on us very quickly, making it one of our favorite cases to use. Even though the treads extend on to the sides, it feels comfortable and grippy in your hands. The Hard Candy Street Skin is currently available for $29.95 from HardCandyCases.com in three colors: Black, Clear, and Pink (which is more of a translucent red). $30 is the norm for an iPhone case–we say it’s a good buy if you dig the design.

The Good: Amazing Protection, Lightweight, Cutout on bottom is perfect for docks, Easy iPhone insertion and removal
The Bad:
Small Cutout for Lock button, More Colors Please!

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