Android App of the Week: Shower Your Valentine With Love with Kiss My Valentine

The Kiss My Valentine App will ensure that it will be literally impossible to forget about Valentine’s Day at any point before the 14th. In addition to a large countdown timer that ticks away the days, hours and minutes until the big day, the app also comes with automatic reminders about gift shopping, complete with ideas for the romantically challenged (hint: chocolate, flowers, jewelry, gadgets; not necessarily in that order). You can also easily use the app to send digital hugs and kisses to your sweetheart directly, as the app works with your phone’s contact list. Worried about being stuck with an extra, useless app after Valentine’s Day has passed? Well, it claims that it will start working again when Valentine’s Day 2012 approaches, so for the forgetful, maybe it’s better to be safe than sorry. Get on it now, though; the app is free only before the 14th.

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