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InSound Clothing Review – The Hoodie with Built-in Headphones

We have been writing about clothing with integrated headphones for years, but InSound’s Redeux Hoodie is actually the first time we got to try this type of clothing out. InSound offers a selection of hipster-style hooded sweatshirts and jackets for both men and women that feature HB3 technology. HB3 technology is what they call the tech that they use to make the headphones integrate with their clothing.

We tested out the  Redeux Hoodie with HB3 Technology that features a denim wash modal front face on a heather grey fleece hood. This particular design retails for $62 and screams hipster-chic. The hoodie itself is very comfy to wear and is well made.  The hood comes with built-in in-ear brush metal headphones. The headphones are integrated into the ends of the hoodie’s drawstrings. You can connect your iPhone, MP3 Player, or smartphone to it via the headphone’s 3.5mm jack that sits in the right jacket pocket. Once you have connected your device to the jacket, you can also stash your device in the pocket. The hoodie itself is 100% washable – so that even with the wiring and headphone components integrated inside, you can throw it in the wash without worrying. Just make sure to take your music device out first.

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Before testing the Redeux Hoodie, we were skeptical about what the sound quality would be with headphones that were embedded in a sweatshirt. In the end, we were happily surprised to discover that the sound quality of the headphones embedded in the hood are actually quite good. The sound reproduction is nice and balanced and crisp. However, it isn’t overly bass heavy and they do lack a bit of body.  We also found the headphones to be very comfortable to wear, and they fit into our ears without falling out. That said, the same pair of in-ear headphones might not fit every pair of ears, so some might need to purchase tips elsewhere if these don’t fit well for them. An extra pair of eartips are included as well. The headphones also do a great job of providing noise isolation. While walking around the street we could barely hear the sounds of the city surrounding us.

If the Redeux Hoodie with HB3 Technology is not your style, don’t fret, InSound has several other styles to choose from for both men and women. Including several solid colors designs, a pullover, and a flannel tunic. Some of their designs are even reversible. Overall, InSound isn’t a gimmick like we secretly expected it to be. The clothing itself is high quality and earns plenty of street-cred in terms of style. The headphones integration is also very neat. The included in-ear headphones provide good sound and even solid noise isolation. We would however love to see an InSound hoodie design option that lets us bring our own choice of headphones to integrate into the sweatshirt or jacket. We’d also like to see an option to integrate an included mic, because if you’re using a smartphone, each time you get a call you’ll have to disconnect it from the 3.5mm jack to answer a call.  That said, overall, InSound is doing a great job of producing functional, well made sweatshirts with a hip vibe at reasonable prices. The Redeux we reviewed retails for $62 which is a minimal price for getting a trendy piece of clothing a pair of decent headphones to boot.

The Good: Headphones are very comfortable and provide great sound and noise isolation, stylish hip designs, high quality materials.

The Bad: No built-in mic. Cable that connects to your music device could be a bit longer for accessibility.

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