Angry Birds in 3D! On an iPhone 4 Case

Well folks what we have here is probably the stupidest iPhone 4 case I have ever seen.  The iBoobies iPhone 4 case may have been the crudest, but this latest creation over at Etsy might be the dumbest. I’m as big an Angry Birds fan as the next gal, but this case, which features a huge red bird encrusted in Swarovski crystals and then glued to the back of a Swarovski encrusted iPhone 4 case seems cute in theory but certainly not very practical in use. I certainly give the designer props for detail and the 3D look of the case, but I can see, in a not so distant future the red bird breaking off and making its way down the street after some pigs. The kicker is the price, which is currently at $200. One thing is for sure, it may not be easy to hold during a long conversation, but it could double as neat looking iPhone  stand.

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