iPhone App of the Week: Chess Comes to the Robot World in RoboHero

This is one robot fighting game where you’re going to need to think one step ahead – or two, or three. Or a lot more. RoboHero is a nod to the old RoboRally board game and the XCom and RoboSport video games, featuring a retro design and turn-based gameplay based on predicting enemy movements and actions, and planning moves and attacks accordingly. Players can program up to 15 moves into their RoboHero as they try to navigate him through 30 story-based missions in a quest to save the world from nefarious robots who are interested in a hostile takeover.

Besides the 30 story missions, there’s a pretty healthy amount of content packed into this app. There’s an arena mode where you can match wits with enemy AIs, and a multiplayer mode where you can battle it out with friends on one of 12 battlefields. That will have to be in person, though – online multiplayer isn’t available yet, but is said to be in the works. The cut-scenes are all hand painted, too.

To sweeten the pot, developers Bravado Waffle are allowing everyone to play the first 10 story levels, and the arena and multiplayer modes with a limited arsenal, for free. RoboHero is available for the iPhone and iPad now for free, with a $1.99 in-app purchase unlocking all of the game’s content.

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