Stratus Gives Pilots Real-Time Weather Updates on Their iPads

The Stratus is a small, wireless device that receives weather information for multiple sources. It’s small enough to not take up too much room in the cockpit, and works in tandem via Wi-Fi connection with the ForeFlight Mobile App for iOS devices, which actually displays the information for the pilot to review.

The device does all the work – pilots need only touch the device once to pair it to their iPad, or to multiple iPads if they have a co-pilot. The Stratus has an eight hour battery life, so it won’t survive a cross-country flight. Granted, that’s not too much of an issue – the Stratus is being marketed towards recreational pilots, most of whom won’t be making trips that long. However, it could be a source of concern for the other target demographic – corporate flight departments.

Stratus gathers weather information from all available sources, and can show aircraft position within weather systems. Reception is improved by the high-gain antenna inside, and the small size makes it easy to move from aircraft to aircraft.

The Stratus is available from Sporty’s Pilot Shop for about $800. Now if only it could detect when a pilot or flight attendant decides to go berserk on board.