Hipsters Rejoice! Urbanears Debuts Plattan Denim Headphones

Do you hear that? That is the sound of hipsters everywhere celebrating the release of a new pair of  Urbanears headphones. Urbanears has just added a new design to their Plattan collection of headphones – the Plattan Denim. The overall design does not deviate away from the original look of the headphones but offers a new finish that you might not typically wear on your head.

The Plattan Denim features a jean-like fabric that covers the exterior of the headphones.  The fabric is also made to age over a period of time just like your favorite pair of Levi’s. There are brass accents (perhaps to replicate a zipper) and an indigo coloring throughout the headphones to give the complete look of wearing a pair of jeans on your ears. These newest headphones from Urbanears are bound to make a statement and lets just hope they wear out as well as your jeans.

The Plattan Denim Edition pre-launches at Apple Stores on May 2nd for $80 and then worldwide on May 23rd at Urbanears.

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