The Dark Knight Rises in Your Wardrobe

It’s the Batman suit you deserve and, depending on the size of your disposable income, just might be the one you need right now.

UD Replicas, producers of the finest replica motorcycle suits out there, has created a Batman motorcycle suit based on the Batsuit in The Dark Knight Rises. This one might even be a step up from UD Replicas’ previous Star Wars and Tron efforts, adding in a mesh cordura base in addition to the grade A cowhide leather and Kevlar protection that always goes into their’ motorcycle suits.

As the price and the presence of Kevlar suggest, this is legitimate protective gear for motorcyclists. It also happens to be a near-perfect recreation of the actual Batsuit worn in the movie. That includes jacket, pants, boots, glove, and, of course, utility belt. Regrettably, that won’t include the mask, and you’ll have to supply your own Batman voice.

Now, if only someone was selling a working replica of the Batcycle. We can dream.

The whole kit costs about $1,581, a price fit for Bruce Wayne. If you want, you can also buy the pieces of the suit separately, if you’re not quite bold enough to rock the utility belt.

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