Pioneer XDJ-AERO is World’s First Wi-Fi DJ System

Remember when a USB connected DJ system seemed like the cutting edge? Well Pioneer’s new XDJ-AERO ups the ante by being the world’s first Wi-Fi DJ system. In other words, this DJ system cuts the chords altogether. The XDJ-AERO is able to wirelessly play music tracks off of smartphones, tablets and laptops by connecting to them over Wi-Fi. You can actually connect up to 4 devices wirelessly at the same time! Pioneer has made this possible by creating a special app that allows mobile devices to connect to the XDJ-AERO. Furthermore, the system will also mix music located on connected USB memory devices.

And if you’re a DJ in a no Wi-Fi zone? No worries! The XDJ-AERO DJ system can create its own wireless access point so that other smart devices can connect to it. Furthermore, the system is able to access “old fashioned” tracks that are located on a PC when using the included Pioneer rekordbox music management software.

The XDJ-AERO allows users to wirelessly play, mix and arrange their favorite music tracks, streamed directly from their smartphone, tablet or computer

But wait, there is more! The system also works as a standalone 2-channel mixer, and it comes with built-in jog control, audio effects, automatic mix function.

Last but not least – it’s pretty. Pioneer has styled the unit with a smoke-colored acrylic panel, blue and white LED illumination and low-profile jog platter and control buttons.

And the price to be a truly wireless DJ? The XDJ-AERO goes on sale this month for $1399. All in all, that pricing isn’t half bad either, especially considering all of the features you get packed into this system, and considering the fact that it is the first of its kind.

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