iPhone App of the Week: Now America Runs on the Dunkin’ Donuts App

There’s a Dunkin’ Donuts app out for you to download. Now, I know what you might be thinking. Why, exactly, would I need a Dunkin’ Donuts app?

Chances are, you don’t. But, if you have purchased a Dunkin’ Donuts Card from stores, you can use the app to pay for your purchases. You do this by finding the item you want to buy on the app, tapping your card at the register, then having the employee scan the barcode on the app. The app can also be used to reload money onto the card.

To make things faster, you can just buy a digital card and store it on your app, so you don’t need to use the physical plastic one in stores. Scanning the barcode would then automatically deduct money from your account. The idea is that wait times will be cut down, since there will be fewer people waiting for change or for credit card transactions to be processed.

Otherwise, you can use the app to subscribe to Twitter or Facebook updates from Dunkin’, I guess. More usefully, you can use the app to browse nutritional information and send digital Dunkin’ gift cards to others via text, email, or Facebook. And, to be fair, the gift of a breakfast from Dunkin’ definitely isn’t a bad one. Take that Starbucks App.

The Dunkin’ Donuts app is free and available now on the iTunes App Store.

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