MOO Debuts NFC Business Cards, What Would Patrick Bateman Say?

If I had to take a guess, I would say he probably wouldn’t be impressed with the generic font, bland white color, and unkempt gentleman in the picture above. He would probably remember those videotapes he has to return before commenting on the NFC part, unfortunately.

MOO, a company responsible for printing business cards, among other things, has enough in the way of stylish options to satisfy even the most obsessed businessman. Their newest option doesn’t have much to do with style, but it should make the business card maybe more useful than ever before. MOO is outfitting some business cards with NFC chips that business card owners can program and reprogram to direct potential customers to a website of their choosing.

An example MOO gives is of a restaurant owner who can change the chip to direct customers to a different daily special every day, just by tapping their phones to the cards. It’s an idea that has the potential to make the business card something that doesn’t have a date with the recycling bin after you’ve kept it around for no reason for a few months.

The NFC business cards aren’t available for sale just yet – MOO is currently running an open beta. The first 150,000 people to place an order for business cards on their site starting today will receive one free NFC-enabled business card to play around with. MOO hopes to have the new business cards ready for general sale by next year.

NFC Business Cards from MOO from MOO.COM on Vimeo.

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