iPhone App of the Week: Fat Wallet First with Black Friday Deal Finder iPhone App

Have you started planning for Thanksgiving yet? Chances are, no. Have you started for planning for the day after Thanksgiving yet? If not, you can start in earnest on November 1.

You can download Fat Wallet’s annual Black Friday Deal Finder app now, but November 1 is when the first Black Friday ads will be leaked onto the app. Once that happens, the floodgates will doubtless open up, and you can spend all of November formulating detailed attack plans of where you’re going to go, the order in which you will go to said places, what you will buy at those places, and approximately how long you will have until those stores run out of those things that you want. And you thought planning for Thanksgiving was difficult.

Eventually, the app promises to have over 20,000 listings for local and chain stores, all of which can be filtered by store, category, brand, price, and location. You can find online deals offering free shipping, too. Throughout the month, you’ll be able to build your wish list until finally, on November 23, you’ll be ready for game time.

You can arm yourself for battle with the Fat Wallet Black Friday Deal Finder off the iTunes App Store for free.

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