100 Google Nexus 7 Tablets Used in Celebrity Art Basel Exhibit

The Google Nexus 7 – is it art?

Maybe not on its own, but 100 of them are being used to show off a new exhibit at Art Basel in Miami, Florida. The Scope Art Fair is being held there currently, and the first thing you’ll see upon entry is a 75-foot wall lines with Nexus 7 tablets. The exhibit, called CNNCTD+100, shows off 100 works from New York-based artists, which combine video and audio to make a unique statement about New York culture.

Included among those 100 artists are Yoko Ono, Spike Lee, Paz de le Huerta, and Pharrell Williams – the whole show is appropriately about as diverse as New York City itself is.

The tablets themselves will be running an app designed specifically for the show, which uses Playbuttons to deliver audiovisual art.

If you’re more into the idea of the Nexus 7 as art, though, you can still enter to win a Google Nexus 7 here, courtesy of Ting.

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