Scanimalz are QR Toting Plush Dolls

Can QR codes be adorable? If Scanimalz can’t pull it off, then it can’t be done.

Scanimalz are a line of plush animal toys with big (and still unsightly) QR codes on their stomachs. A plush toy is probably fun enough just by itself, but the toy is just half the fun of Scanimalz. If you download the free Scanimalz app, you can scan those QR codes in order to register your toy to an account and play games on the app. You can earn points and win prizes using the app, and, as will come as a surprise to no one, owning more than one Scanimalz plush will increase your chances of winning those prizes. Translation: go collect them all.

The Scanimalz app is only available for iOS and Android devices. Keep an eye out for Scanimalz plush toys to pop up at your local toy store.

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