This Retro Cassette Player Costs More Than Your iPod Nano

casetteI’m not sure how you’re going to feel about this one – personally, I’m not convinced that the cassette tape has the same kind of retro potential as the vinyl record. But, if you have a bunch of cassette tapes and somehow haven’t already sold them for $0.50 each at a garage sale, you might as well get some use out of them.

The Cassette Recorder & Player does the two things it says it does in the product name. Why you would want to record anything on a cassette tape, one of the most inconvenient forms of media of all time, is beyond me, but if you have your reasons, go for it. Otherwise, you can listen to your old tapes from the built-in speakers. You can also have a little headphone party – the player has seven headphone jacks.

So, dust off all the tapes that managed to not get mangled or eaten by any of the other players you’ve owned, and pony up $160 for the Cassette Recorder & Player on Urban Outfitters. Pre-orders start on July 14, with an as-of-now undetermined ship date.

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