Despite Smartphone Growth, PCs are Still Center of our Digital Lives


screenshot_1474Despite the massive growth of tablets and smartphones over the past few years, Intel has managed to put together some research that says that things might not be looking all that bleak for the PC in the future. They recently sponsored a survey that points out that PCs still have a dominating role in the lives of many Americans that can’t quite be replaced by tablets.

One of the more convincing numbers is that 97 percent of respondents said that the PC is their primary computing device. The survey breaks down a little what those numbers mean – the average respondent said they spend 43 hours per week on some sort of computing device. On average, 49 percent of that time was spent on a PC, with the smartphone coming in at 31 percent and the tablet coming in at 20 percent.

Why is that? It could be because most still feel they can be productive on PCs in ways they can’t on a tablet or smartphone. 83 percent of survey respondents (who were all PC owners) said that “there are some activities for which a PC is far more productive than a tablet or smartphone.” In fact, PCs were deemed important enough that 73 percent would give up exercise over giving up their PC, 65 percent would give up caffeine, and 58 percent would give up watching television.

So, what does all that mean for PC sales, which, as has been well-documented, are struggling against mounting tablet sales? A resurgence, Intel hopes. The survey indicated that 50 percent of families and millennials found themselves likely to buy a new PC within the year, with the number at 40 percent overall. And, since half the respondents in the survey last purchased a PC over four years ago, those numbers aren’t shocking.

After all, older PCs going on the fritz is the leading reason why people go out and buy new PCs. They tend to be happier when they get the new PCs, though, on average using more productivity apps and reporting less frustration with load, start-up, and shut down times than those with older PCs.

Does that mean that the tablet incursion onto the PC’s turf is about to abate? Probably not. But the survey does suggest that the PC still has a long life ahead of it. You can read more about the survey here.




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