Scientists Develop Terminator Inspired Polymer


Who knew? When Skynet finally takes over, the robot army might just be made out of plastic.

That’s because plastic is looking pretty fantastic now, thanks to a new polymer created by scientists in Spain. The stretchy plastic (nicknamed Terminator by the researchers) is strong enough to where it can’t be pulled apart by hand, but its greatest trick is self-repair. The researchers were able to cut a piece of the polymer in two, then leave the two pieces adjacent to each other on a table. After two hours (at room temperature, no less), the two pieces had melded back into one without outside interference. The point at which the piece was cut in two was still visible, but the piece was able to be stretched out without breaking in two or showing any signs of coming apart at the seam.

Researchers have said that potential applications of the new polymer range from piping in houses to plastics in appliances to Robert Patrick.

Via The Daily Mail


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