BBM App Finally Availabe on iOS and Android

bbmSince there are ever fewer people using BBM on actual BlackBerry phones, it’s high time for people to start using the messaging service on the new phones they dumped their BlackBerries for. In a move (which has been in the works for some time) that should please many who jumped the S.S. BlackBerry for ships on calmer waters, BBM is now headed to Android and iOS devices, although you might have a bit of a wait to actually start using it.

Six million of you definitely did know about this ahead of time, because that’s how many have pre-registered for BBM on Android or iOS on BBM’s website. Those people will get earliest access to the app, which is live for both platforms now. Those who didn’t pre-register will be able to download the app, but might not be able to use it straight away. BlackBerry is doing a gradual rollout, so you’ll have to stand in digital line by entering your email address the first time you open up the app. BlackBerry is concerned about demand and crashing servers, so this way they should avoid getting overwhelmed.

BlackBerry’s famed messaging service remains popular, largely because of PIN-protection and secure message transmission that has historically been popular with security-conscious businesses. Other than that, it’s got the standard stuff – one-to-one and group chat, file sharing within chats, and received and read notifications. You can find BBM on Google Play and the iTunes App Store now for free.

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