Linkin Park Used These Laptops to Make “A Light That Never Comes”


Music videos take a lot more work than they’re given credit for. And, like businesses, musicians always need to be upping the ante to make their videos bigger, brighter, and more visually impressive to stay on top and, more importantly, execute their artistic vision. They need tools that allow whatever is in their imagination to come out onto the screen, with little to nothing lost in translation.

Advanced computer-generated graphics have made ever bigger and more fantastic projects possible, creating a feast for the eyes in movies and television, as well as the music video. It’s a world that belongs to dreamers, and few groups dream as big when it comes to their videos as Linkin Park. The group had bold ideas for their new single, “A Light That Never Comes,” but ideas are only half the battle. They needed the arsenal to make their ideas come to life, and that’s where Dell came in.


You might have expected to hear a lot of other different names when talking about high-powered professional hardware before Dell. But, Dell has positioned themselves to be a leader in the world of professional computing with their new mobile and tower workstations. Joe Hahn of Linkin Park and Ghost Town Media found that out when they used the Dell Precision M6800 mobile workstation along with the T5610 and T7610 tower workstations with Dell UltraSharp monitors, to create the video for “A Light That Never Comes.”


But what makes those Dell workstations so much more up to the task than anything else? For starters, they boast cutting-edge graphics processors – namely, NVIDIA Quadro professional-grade processors. And, with three of those graphics processors stuffed into the flagship T7610 tower, just about everything the imagination can conjure up can come to life. But, these workstations don’t just make things like Linkin Park’s cutting-edge new music video possible – they do it faster than anything else. Graphics with these new Dell workstations that once took minutes or hours to render are now whipped up in seconds, meaning everything can be done immediately, on-site, without external support.

The fact that these workstations enabled the creation of this music video almost single-handedly says a lot. Hahn and Ghost Town Media used the workstations along with Maxon Cinema 4D software and, for 3D capture a (what else?) Xbox 360 Kinect. With these tools, the duo were able to bring the music video from the idea stage through every step of the way to the screen.


The making of video for “A Light That Never Comes,” which you can watch here, provides just a taste of what’s possible with these new Dell workstations. Because, what they represent is something pretty incredible – machines that can serve as your go-to machines from the beginning to the end of every project you can imagine. Hardware is no longer a limitation on what’s possible – it’s something that unleashes your full creative potential. From music videos to the fashion industry to aerospace engineering, Dell workstations are aiming to be everything to everyone – a usually unreachable goal. It looks like Dell is breaking barriers that way, too.

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