Carnival Cruise Partners with Dr. Seuss For Cat in the Hat Antics at Sea


Aft, stern, starboard and port, that’s where Dr. Seuss will be holding court. Carnival is rolling out new themed cruises based on the extensive works of one Dr. Seuss. Called Seuss at Sea, the new cruise will throw kids into the wide world of the good doctor, and should be a welcome trip down memory lane for parents, too.

The cruises will be steeped in Dr. Seuss – meals and entertainment will draw inspiration from his works, and characters from the books will be milling about for kids to interact with. The cruise kicks off, as is mandatory, with a breakfast of green eggs and ham. The Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2, and Sam will all be there for photo ops, while everyone gorges on food straight out of the pages of Seuss books.


Seuss-a-palooza Story Time will feature interactive readings, and the ship will be awash in toys, art, books, and movies of the Dr. Seuss variety. And, that’s all just on the basic ships. On the Carnival Freedom, which will be refurbished in May, and the Carnival Vista, which will launch in early 2016, there will be a Dr. Seuss Bookville on board – a sort of Dr. Seuss playground and lounge where kids can play and parents can relax.

The Seuss at Sea program will set sail on the Carnival Splendor as soon as February. It’ll join the refurbished Freedom in May, and launch with the Vista in 2016. This latest announcement further solidifies Carnival’s push toward making their line of cruises extremely family friendly and upping the fun in their Fun 2.0 initiatives.

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