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The Batmobile Can Be Yours For a Cool Million


Calling all real-life Bruce Waynes: better have Alfred start filling out the order form for the Batmobile. Someone in Florida has made five of the very Batmobile from the Nolan Batman films, and they cost a paltry million each. Chump change coming out of Wayne Manor.

The Batmobile, which, incredibly, is street legal, has an LS1 motor (engine: 8 cylinders) along with a completely custom chassis, frame, windows, drive line – just about everything is custom, which should come as no surprise. No thrown together, halfhearted imitation, this. It’s an automatic, which is kind of a shame, but I’m sure the 44” tires with custom (of course) rims should help make up for the disappointment. GPS is included (how could it not be?), along with a stereo with connections for Bluetooth, iPod, and a CD/DVD drive, which actually kind of seems dangerously behind the times for the Batmobile.

So, you better start making some enemies right now, because you’re going to need some good excuses to peel out with this thing. Maybe try to sabotage a clown convention or something, I don’t know. All I know is that a Batmobile of this caliber requires a better class of crime fighter.

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