Designers will Love Albergo, the Most Customizable Radio Ever Made

Who says the clock radio is dead? OK, a lot of people do. Well, Tivoli Audio is trying to play Dr. Frankenstein, and they think they’ve got a lightning strike in their new Albergo Wireless Music System (it’s a clock radio).

But hey, clock radio is no insult. The Albergo looks really nice, first and foremost – it comes in five colors (white, graphite, glossy blue, glossy red, glossy green), capped off with, crucially, your choice of handmade fabric or wood cabinets that give the whole thing a refined look. So, if nothing else, you won’t mind this clock radio being the first thing you see in the morning. Within the next month, Tivoli says that they will offer customization options for the Albergo directly on their site. And by the time the holiday season arrives, there will be over 100 color combinations available. We’re talking about everything from camouflage to leopard print. This is the kind of speaker that interior designers will drool over.

Inside, well, it’s a clock radio. You can get it either as an AM/FM/FM RDS or an FM/DAB/DAB+/DMB model, and there’s a Real Time Clock that can keep time even during a blackout. Of course, you can set alarms, too, and all of this can be managed with an LCD screen in front.

As for the ‘Wireless Music System’ part of the name, that’s explained by Bluetooth connectivity. It also comes with a remote control, so you can completely control what’s going on with the Albergo from afar. Depending on how mornings go for you, that may or may not be a good thing – especially if you’re the kind of person who needs to put their alarm as far away from their bed as possible, while remaining within earshot. Not that I would know anything about that.

The Albergo is selling for $300, and you can get it directly from the Tivoli Audio website.


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