Smartphone Cases are Going to Get Really Ugly Thanks to Uglydoll

Up to this point, we’ve mostly seen the lovably deformed little guys of the Uglydoll line in plush form (and the odd Flash drive). That should change this year, as Uglydoll hits the one place all cute mascots are destined for – the smartphone case.

Uglydoll has signed a licensing deal with caseable, which means pretty soon, you’ll be seeing hard and soft smartphone, tablet, and laptop cases. We don’t know exactly when we will see them – all that’s happened is the licensing agreement – but it probably won’t take too long. It’s a good bet that caseable will be cooking up new Uglydoll cases for the launch of the iPhone 6 Or Whatever It Will Be Called, which will probably be sometime this fall.

As it happens, caseable is also partnered with HP, which means – well, I’m going to go out on a limb and say it means exclusive Uglydoll swag and discounts for HP laptops and tablets. Keep your eyes open for more product announcements in the future.

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