Philips A1-PRO DJ Headphones Gets Armin Van Buuren Seal of Approval

Last year, we heard about an ongoing collaboration between Philips and Armin van Buuren that resulted in the M1X-DJ Sound System, a semi-portable DJ controller perched on top of a speaker system. That was followed up by the A5-PRO headphones announced earlier this spring. At IFA last week, Philips announced the next product to come out of the partnership—the A1-PRO on-ear DJ headphones.


The A5-PRO headphones were meant to be Philips’ flagship line, while the A1-PRO headphones will be marketed as the travel-friendly model. The A1-PRO headphones are a little smaller and less powerful, featuring 40 mm drivers and maxing out at 2,500 mW, as opposed to 50 mm drivers with max power handling at 3,500 mW for the A5-PRO headphones. Still, the specs make the A1-PRO headphones formidable enough to be a decent pair of headphones for traveling DJs.


The same supra-aural ear cushions are back, along with a TR90 nylon headband that should make the A1-PRO headphones comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The swivel cups, a must for DJ headphones, also return, and the top of the headband is leather, for a more premium feel. Hinges on the headband make the A1-PRO headphones easy to fold up for travel.

The biggest change here is the price. While the A5-PRO headphones cost 300, the A1-PRO headphones will cost only 100 when they hit stores in major European markets this month.

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  1. Shit headphones. Got a pair, the right speaker binding snapped in two after three weeks of careful usage (I used them at the office desk for music). They simply broke when I put them on. Also, very uncomfortable for wearing more than an hour.