Supergirl Soars on Opening Night, Becomes Highest Rated Fall 2015 Premiere

Looks like we weren’t the only ones high on Supergirl — the newest superhero show was a hit on opening night, pulling in a high enough rating to make it the biggest premiere of the fall. It might finally be time for girl (ahem, women) superheroes to take flight.

Apparently both viewers and CBS were enthusiastic about the show, because the network gave Supergirl a strong lead-in with The Big Bang Theory. The result? About 12.95 million viewers, which Variety says is about 70 percent of Big Bang viewers. The Variety report goes on to say that Supergirl is right on par with another strong fall debut, Blindspot, in the 18-49 and 25-54 demographics, and did well among both male and female viewers. Granted, there’s always a dip after opening night and Supergirl won’t always have such a popular lead-in, but it’s a promising start.

It helps that Monday’s pilot was well-received by critics. We’re liking that Supergirl has already established a strong set of characters while avoiding tired superhero quagmires like the secret identity bit — most of the main cast is well aware of who Kara Danvers actually is. They’ve also set the plate for a wide range of extraterrestrial villains — a huge box of intergalactic criminals has crash-landed on Earth, which seems problematic. There’s also that other guy, who may or may not figure into the story later on. From the premiere, I get the feeling we’re not supposed to mention that guy by name, but he’s definitely on Earth and he’s definitely doing hero stuff. The show handled the shadow of Superman (sorry!) pretty well this week, but now that he’s been obliquely mentioned, it seems like dealing with his presence will continue to be a challenge for the show’s writers.

More importantly, it was a fun start in a genre that isn’t always fun, and that makes us pretty optimistic that the pilot’s rating gold won’t turn to kryptonite by season’s end.

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