Master & Dynamic Made a Wireless Speaker Out of Concrete

Don’t call it portable, but this wireless speaker definitely aspires to be premium.

Usually when we see speakers of any kind, we see the housing made of plastic or, if things are getting fancy, wood. Concrete? Not so much. But, that’s exactly what New York audio company Master & Dynamic has used in their first wireless speaker, and they have good reason for doing so.

The MA770 was made in partnership with Sir David Adjaye, the designer and architect behind the newly opened National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. Adjaye and Master & Dynamic made use of a brand new concrete composite developed just for this speaker. It doesn’t have a concrete look to it, though — Adjaye designed the speaker with a swooping, curved back to make the cabinet looks smaller and sleeker than it is.

They didn’t just use concrete for the press release. The concrete composite is much more effective than wood or plastic at dampening — absorbing the vibrations produced by speaker movement that would otherwise distort sound output. That means the speaker should have comparatively clearer sound.

That’s a big deal, because they weren’t messing around when putting this sound system together. The MA770 contains two 4″ kevlar long-throw woofers paired with one 1.5″ titanium tweeter, all powered by a 100-watt amp. Master & Dynamic seem pretty proud of the work they’ve done putting all that together, because they’ve made the speaker grille easy to remove if you want to just sit back and gawk at the speaker domes in all their glory.

There is one downside to using concrete in the construction — despite being wireless, this thing isn’t what we’d call portable. It weighs a ton compared to other wireless speakers, coming in at 35 pounds. I guess it could be portable if you want to make that part of your home workout routine?

It’s more likely that the MA770 will be staying exactly where you put it. It uses Wi-Fi connectivity, so there won’t be as much of a concern about range as there would be with Bluetooth. If you want to widen the soundstage a bit, you can buy two units and pair them for stereo sound.

Well, you can, but you’ll need to really open up your wallet to do so — the MA770 doesn’t come cheap at $1,800. It’s availablef directly from Master & Dynamic.

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