The Sleek Ringly Go Smart Bracelets are Coming Exclusively to Target

The bands are slimmer, but still have fitness tracking and notification features.

Need to make a fashion statement with your gadgets? Ringly has been helping with that for years now. One of the first companies to focus on making wearables more like jewelry instead of gadgets, they’ve had a lot of success with their rings and bracelets, which track fitness stats and use light and vibration patterns for custom notifications. Today, Ringly is announcing Ringly Go, a slimmed down version of their smart bracelet, and it’s coming to Target exclusively.

Ringly Go is made up of a thin full grain leather Italian strap and a stainless steel frame holding a polished stone, completely hiding away the electronics inside. The idea is to get people to think of wearables more as jewelry than gadgets when planning outfits. Ringly Go should prove to be much easier to match with outfits than wearables with bulky watch faces and LCD displays. It’s also nickel-free, which should prevent allergic reactions.

The bracelet will work the same way as other Ringly products. Using a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone, Ringly Go will record fitness stats like steps taken and distance traveled (but not heart rate), then sync it to the companion app. That companion app can be used to review those stats or set notifications. Using different vibration and light patterns on Ringly Go, it’s possible to create custom alerts for individual apps or contacts — a couple buzzes and a green flash for mom, or a long buzz for a friend. Ringly has a nice advantage here, as their wearables can now pass on alerts from over 100 apps, including Airbnb, Line, and Nest. There are four vibration patterns and five colors of light to mix and match, so quite a few alerts can be created — as long as you can remember them!

The only annoying part might be battery life. Despite having only basic features and no display, Ringly Go will only last a few days before needing a recharge.

Ringly Go will come with either a black or blush-nude strap with a plain stainless steel or 24-karat gold plated frame. The stones have a marble-like finish, and come in black or white (paired with the black and blush-nude straps, respectively). Starting today, Ringly Go will be available at 200 Target stores nationwide and online for $125. The bracelets come with a charging cable and a one-year warranty.

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