Hasbro is Starting a Subscription Box Service for Board Games

The Hasbro Gaming Crate service will send you a bundle of three board games every three months.

Keen on playing some games that don’t require a screen? Hasbro is rolling out a new subscription box that will introduce you to new board games you might not have heard of otherwise. The Hasbro Gaming Crate will start shipping out later this year, and it sounds like Hasbro will have something ready for friends and family alike.

The plan is to have two options — a family-friendly crate and a more risque one for friends. Whichever one you choose, Hasbro plans to offer a quarterly theme and, occasionally, games exclusive to the crate. Both crates will cost $50 per shipment.

The first family-friendly crate will feature Mask of the Pharaoh, an adaptation of a board game from Japan the requires the use of a VR app — the game supplies the VR headset, you supply the smartphone. Things get even wilder in the more adult-themed box. That one will include a game called Speak Out, which makes players say weird things while wearing a weird mouthpiece that you’ll need to clean afterwards for so many reasons.

Hasbro initially revealed their plans for the Gaming Crate in April, but they’re finally ready to start taking signups now. You can head over to their website to register your email address to hear more about the Gaming Crate, which should start shipping out in the summer.

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