Google Street View is Blasting Off Into Space With Photos of the International Space Station

Street View now lets you move around the ISS just like you’d navigate city streets.

Satisfied with a job well done on planet Earth, Google Street View is now setting its sights a little higher. They’ve been working with the International Space Station to get pictures of the inside of the facility, and they’ve finally stitched them together in Street View form for your viewing pleasure.

You can go here to float around in the ISS — you can float down the halls and check out loading areas, although the crew quarters are understandably closed off. There’s even a special surprise waiting right now — the SpaceX Dragon module just dropped off supplies to the ISS, so you can get a quick look at what that looks like.

If you’ve ever seen shots from the ISS before, you know to expect something that looks like a hoarder’s paradise. Canisters and boxes are tied down to walls seemingly haphazardly, although like with all good hoarders, we imagine the astronauts always know exactly where everything is. There are also laptops affixed to pretty much every surface, all over the place. No matter what position you’re in when you float out into a hallway, there’s going to be a laptop conveniently placed!

Unfortunately, it looks like you’re not really leaving ground. Zooming out using the map reveals that Google has parked their virtual ISS tour in Houston at the Johnson Space Center. Looks like we’ll still have to wait a little while for the true launch of Google Space View.

Via TechCrunch

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