Texas Mom Kills Both Star Pupil Daughters After Police Were Called To Home 14 Times

Moms are supposed to take care of their children and not let any harm come to them. Moms are not supposed to be the reason that bad things happen to their children.

Moms are also not supposed to brutally murder their own children, but that is just what the Texas Mom in this story did to not one, but two of her own babies.

After struggling with depression for years and police are called to her house 14 times, this mom from the Houston area murdered both of her daughters to make her husband suffer.

Facebook; pictured above is 42-year-old Texas mom Christy Sheats

This is Christy Sheats. She was a 42-year-old Mom living in the small little town of Katy, Texas, which is close to Houston.

She had two daughters: 22-year-old Taylor and 17-year-old Madison. Christy was originally from Decatur, Alabama.

Facebook; pictured above is a post from Christy’s Facebook page where she says she is proud to be living in Katy, Texas

Christy’s 22-year-old daughter Taylor worked at a child care center during the day and as a nanny at night.

“She was a wonderful person, a wonderful teacher. She was always around children,” Cindy Graves, the Director at the daycare Taylor worked at, Kids R Kids, said to TIME.

“We’re all very sad here to hear of the loss. It happened so close to home.”

She dreamed of being a professional artist one day.

Madison, Christy’s 17-year-old daughter, loved children like her older sister Taylor.

Facebook; Christy and her daughter Taylor are pictured in the above photo when Taylor was a child

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