Exclusive Hands on with the Monster Turbine Pro Earphones

Monster once again, wants you to feel the music not just listen to it. In a private gathering last night we got a chance to sample the Monster Turbine Pro. Previously we had reviewed the Monster Turbine In-Ear Speaker and as much as we liked that ‘in-ear speaker’ there was something missing,  it didn’t quite blow us off our chairs like the Beats by Dr. Dre did.

Before popping the Turbine Pro into my ears, I noticed right away the new design. The in-ear speaker housing is still the same shape but now the buds have a gold plated finish, not a dark silver one anymore. Which personally I appreciate the inside cable joke…When you purchase gold tipped audio/video cables you get a better sound and picture quality, and that is the subtle hint that Monster wants to bring across with these pair of in-ear headphones too. Included with the Turbine pro is also a suede carrying case with some nice white stitching. The case is thinner this time around too, making it a little less bulky in your pocket.

The sample going around to test was the prototype that would be used to make the entire line of Turbine Pros. The first go around was with a plain silicon tip, immediately when I placed them in my ear (even though the ear tip on hand was a bit bigger than my ear canal) you could tell the difference right away. There was a smoother almost liquid feeling going on with the music. Your ear picked up the subtle strokes of the guitar and the detail of a snare drum. Instrumentals came alive in your ear like never before.

When the Turbine Pro went around the room again, this time with the new and improved ear tip, you could tell rightaway the noise cancellation  was much more improved and the overall body of the music enveloped your ears like never before. I basically drowned out the room and was in my own little world. The tip is still made of silicone and not foam, for those who are curious.  I tried to see inside the ear tip to get an idea of what the ‘special ingredient’ was to make them sound so awesome but my 007 skills were lacking.

The combination of the newer monitors, drivers, and ear tip may have guaranteed Monster a home run with this latest version of the Turbine. However at $250, will people bite? Will they even want to upgrade if they are happy with what they have currently?  In a cash strapped society it may be a little tougher – but for those who are truly audiophilies, they will bite and devour because the Turbine Pro is the definition of  “you get what you pay for”. The Turbine Pro will be available sometime in late July but we will be getting a sneak peek before it hits stores – so stay tuned for the review.


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