Tech from a Small Island: Gymbox Shock Exercise Classes and Smart Brabus Color Coordinated Electric Cars

zaraApril has been a strange month for us Brits as election frenzy has taken over, and every TV show you watch has smarmy politicians trying to convince you that they have your best interests at heart. Add to that the late release of the iPad which has Apple fans crying themselves to sleep and the over enthusiastic London Marathon taking place, well, we’re all over the shop really. I could share with you related apps and election chit chat, but I think you’ll prefer an attractive overview of some of the strangest and sexiest gadgets we’ve feasted out eyes on this month.

X10 mini phone

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro
We expect a phone to do many things nowadays. From doubling as a camera, a pocket A-Z and an MP3 player, if our mobile can’t multitask we tend not to be interested. What hasn’t been high on the list till now is having one that can fit into our wallets, but the credit card sizes X10 Mini Pro may make us reassess this. It weighs in at 120g and is superslim, with a thickness of 0.7 inches.
The Xperia X10 Mini features a 2.5 inch screen and a 5 megapixel camera. It offers one click YouTube uploading, built in Google Maps and WiFi, and runs off the android OS. Sony Ericson have also installed their beloved Timescape feature, which aggregates mobile and social communications, by bringing up a list which includes missed calls and Facebook updates. There’s a slide out QWERTY keyboard on the Pro model, and whilst it may be tiny to type on, the problem of fitting a phone AND powder compact in your evening bag has been well and truly resolved. Bigger is most definitely not better in this case. Pre Order for £249.99 from Play.

shock tactics class

Shock Tactics Exercise class
Working out is never a huge amount of fun, as the combination of sweat and effort brings the very few a high, whilst most find it’s a necessary slog to avoid turning into Mr Potato Head. To make this process slightly less frustrating many gyms try to come up with ways to make working out more entertaining, and have designed a range of strange classes from hula hooping to pole dancing to distract people away from the fact they’re wearing lycra.

Well there’s a new class on the block, and this one aims for a far less gentle approach. The brainchild of London Based gym chain Gymbox, it involves a series of circuits performed whilst holding an electrified ball, which will emit shocks if you’re not working out fast enough. For some that will be an incentive to make sure they maximize their workout, whilst others may see it as just another reason to stop visiting the gym. It seems to have roots in military training, where poor performance sees you punished, so if you like your workout to have masochistic element this could well be your new favourite thing.

Travelmate protable fireplaceThe Travelmate
A fireplace seems to be one of the main requirements for an erotic scene on TV. Shagpile rug, glass of wine half drunk, dashing man in white unbuttoned shirt with long hair.. you get the picture. When confronted with such a seduction scene it’s hard not to let your hair down and get busy (well it worked for Belle in Beauty and the Beast) so wouldn’t it be nice if you could transport this to other settings?
The Travelmate portable fireplace is a briefcase shaped bio alcohol fuelled device, which lets you recreate those romantic moments wherever you please. It weighs in at 55 pounds which is just about manageable, and will add some much needed mood lighting to any situation. To power up this baby you simply remove one of the glass panes (attached by magnets). It will last around three and a half hours on one tank and is completely odourless. The Travelmate  currently retails for 1390 Euros and can be found at Conmoto Shop.

Philips LumeaPhilips Lumea Home Hair laser hair Removal Device
Home hair removal used to resemble something out of a Stephen King novel, with blood, screaming and pain involved. The creation of gentler razors and the use of shaving gel have somewhat removed the painful elements, but the non ending boredom of repeating the process every couple of days is enough to kill major brain cells. The solution seems to be salon laser hair removal, but that’s expensive.
The home laser hair removal market has grown in leaps and bounds in the last few years, with the main competitors being the Tria and No!No! hair removal device which allow you to get salon results at home. However both devices are rather time consuming as they only cover a small area in one go. Philips has decided to tackle this by launching the Lumea, which aims to defuzz you faster. It does this by having a larger nozzle head so it can cover more area quicker, and the design is sleek and attractive.
Laser hair removal works on a principle of light energy turning into heat energy within the skin and destroying the follicle. This needs to be done at different times to attack the hair in all its growing phases, and ‘permanent hair removal’ is a misnomer as it’s really permanent hair reduction we’re talking about. The Lumea is a great way to do this and a worthwhile investment as it can be used all over the body (except the face). It retails for £399 from Argos

Smart Brabus carsThe Smart Brabus Tailor Made service
You may be used your matching your shoes to your bag, but this matchy matchy type trend doesn’t normally extend any further. Smart, the creators of the world’s best known electric car have decided that driving should be more of a luxury and have devised a car which offers 21,000 ways to customize it.
They’ve managed to sell this service to women without being patronizing, which is impressive, as I quite like the idea of matching the leather seats to my’ favorite shoes or dress’, though that wouldn’t be enough to sell me on a car.
Every element imaginable can be changed, from the body panel colors to the interior leather trims and alloy wheels. One for every outfit?  Perhaps not.

sennheiser-adidas-headphones-1Sennheiser Adidas earphones
It seems odd that Sennheiser and Adidas have decided to team up just after the London Marathon took place, but despite missing out on valuable revenue from runners, the premise is still spot on. What do you get when you join a leading brand of headphones manufacturers with a hugely popular sportswear brand? Something that’s stylish and user friendly, that’s what. Using their technical expertise Sennheiser has bowed to Adidas in manners of style, and created a set of headphones that are styled neon yellow and black for a sporty look. The sleek design is extremely resistant to sweat, are fully washable and can be used in up to -10 degrees Celsius.

The range comprises of in ear buds and over ear designs, all created out of shock absorbent material, so the music won’t judder as you jog. They’ve integrated a reflective strip on the neckband for extra visibility and priced them attractively low. Joggers rejoice! Get them from John Lewis from £34.95

Chariot-SkatesChariot Skates
Commuting to work is never fun, as if you’re stuck on the underground there are armpits to endure and above ground cyclists battle it out with cars for road dominance. Walking won’t really get you there fast enough, and rollerblading is so early ‘90s. What are you to do? Michael Jenkins hopes you’ll consider his creation as a viable alternative, and has put his money where his mouth is with the soon to be launched Chariot Skates.
A hybrid between rollerskates and a bicycle this two wheeled device allows you to reach speeds of around 25mph and allow you to easily glide over tarmac and grass. The carbon fiber wheels eat up gravel and place your feet far nearer the ground than regular skates, allowing you more control.
‘You can ride them over grass or gravel with ease – they are more like a bike than a skate. You feel really free when you are wearing them – it feels like you’re skiing’, said Mr Jenkins about his creation.

The real problem with Chariot Skates is that you have to literally grab the wheels with your hands to stop them moving, which could lead to grazes, scratches and falls. They’ll also cost a fair amount, as the current price is set at £1000, which will hopefully be lowered if they become popular.

[via The Metro]

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