Anna Sui Previews iPad and MacBook Cases at Fashion Week

Mercedes-Benz Fashion week might be coming to a close, but along side her Spring 2012 collection, Anna Sui has taken to the runway to debut and preview a new Special Edition iPad and Macbook Case. Anna Sui has actually collaborated with TwelveSouth to introduce the Anna Sui BookBook. The Anna Sui BookBook combines Anna’s signature look to TwelveSouth’s style of cases that resemble old books. These news cases are made of distressed leather covers with layers of purple and black, including a romantic swirls frame for the cover.

Anna Sui’s signature butterfly and rose icons with gold leaf prints are also used to highlight the spine. Meanwhile, on the inside, the iPad and MacBook cases come with the same safety aspects of every TwelveSouth bookBook, including a strong spine, a padded interior, hardback book covers on both sides to make for safe storage, and dual zippers that are made to look like bookmarks.

Unfortunately the Anna Sui BookBook cases for MacBook and iPad won’t be available until Spring 2012.